PSAT Memes

High school students across the nation took the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) on Oct. 19. The test was a grueling four hours, dragging on throughout most of the school day. However, what many consider to be the only plus side of the test are the clever memes found on social media. As soon as test booklets were turned in, students rushed to get their cell phones to check out the new PSAT related memes. If you missed the test this year, don’t worry, the memes say it all.

#PSAT is currently trending number one on twitter, taking over the social media site. Here are some student reactions to the memes.

“I knew going into the PSAT that the first thing I was going to check after were the memes,” communications junior Gina Givens said. “I thought I was the only one, but I looked around and everyone had their phones out and [were on] Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It kind of gives everyone from grades nine to 11 in the nation this sense of unity. The minute the test is over: ‘Have you seen the memes?’”

“One of the memes I saw was the angry Pepe about the dolphin clicking sounds. [When I unlocked my phone,] I was surprised [the memes] were already on Twitter. I remember thinking ‘that was pretty fast,’” band sophomore Mark Silver said.

“[The meme I saw] had to do with the dolphins; it had the blue button with the hand rushing towards it,” visual sophomore Brenden Beaubien said.

“I think people [thought of jokes] in the middle of the breaks, went to the bathroom, and made memes,” visual junior Ethan Blanc said.

“I think [the memes] are funny and really witty,” said dance junior Jordan Maurer.

“The reason why I [willingly] took the PSAT is to see the memes at the end of it,” dance junior Carmen Garcia said. “They’re really enjoyable every year. To me, that’s the highlight of the PSAT day.”

In addition, all students signed a contract at the beginning of the test affirming that they would not disclose any information on the test. The College Board claims to invalidate tests scores if this contract is breached, yet the memes continue to grow.