Since the moment results for the election were announced on May 1 of last year, the elected class presidents began planning for Spirit Week 2020. Everything from the pep rally skit to karaoke ideas started racing around the minds of the class council members. Now, it’s unfolding in front of their eyes.

The excitement revolving around Spirit Week has made several students sign up for skits, 

karaoke, dances, and bleacher decorating after school. 

“For karaoke, [students] made their own music. They’ve been harmonizing and deciding 

who’s going to be doing certain parts,” ‘22 Class President and digital media sophomore Nicolette Carew said. “The dancers have been deciding what formations to do. I’m just so excited to see it all come together.”

Class sponsors have had to attend lunch rehearsals for supervisions. Thus, they have 

also felt the excitement shine through the students. 

“They start before I’m even their sponsor,” senior class sponsor and social studies teacher 

Sarah Ray said. “Those kids come in already knowing what they want to do. There’s just a lot of fun stuff going on.”

The class councils have made sure that Spirit Week goes as smoothly as possible by 

organizing Remind messaging systems and being hands-on with all of the people organizing the activities, even though there are obstacles they may face. 

“I try to make everything as positive as possible,” Carew said. “The whole thing is about 

just being able to adapt.”

This week was packed with activities such as generation dances, a chalk contest, and 

field games, allowing the student body to get excited about the pep rally. 

“I love Pep Rally Day so much because it’s a great end to the week, and seeing everyone’s spirit is incredible,” digital media sophomore Chris Bedecs said. “No one has as much spirit as Dreyfoos kids.”