It’s a question that has inspired philosophers for centuries, challenged today’s creators, and left many speechless: What is art? When is a white canvas a modern masterpiece, and when is it just a blank canvas? 

     At Dreyfoos, the answer is different for every student, teacher, and faculty member. Here are some of their responses.

Vocal junior Amanda Ferber

Art means a really personal expression of the things that are happening in our lives or in our thoughts. It’s just a way to learn more about yourself by outwardly expressing things.

Digital media senior Sarah Abraham

I think art is an expression of comments on society that aren’t valued in basically every other sphere because everyone’s just, you know, trying to get things done so that they can keep a roof over their heads and feed their kids. They don’t have time to think about bigger, more important things that affect humanity as a whole. But, it’s also about the individual expression.

Principal Dr. Susan Atherley

To be an artist at Dreyfoos, no matter what art form you do, it means that you’re able to express yourself, whether it’s musically or through painting or through theatre or what have you. It’s being able to be very artistic and very creative.

Band senior Skylar Rose Margolin

Art is a way to express yourself. For me, because I’m a music major, I can do that without using words and just express myself in a way that I couldn’t verbally communicate with somebody else.

Science teacher Elyce Hill

[Art is] an expression of life and the world through different means. Art tells a story in different ways, or ideas, concepts, or experiences.

Visual freshman Katarina Prine

It’s a method of escaping and expressing my emotions without [using] words. 

Vocal junior Mayah Bernstein

Art’s not just created because, “Oh, I just want to paint something” or “I just want to create something” — everything has a motive. Everything has a reason. Art means a lot to everyone.

Theatre junior Ava Zausner

It’s something that you have to do. [Artists] have it just so inside of them that they have to express it.

Visual teacher Brian Delgado

Art is, first of all, subjective. It’s feelings. It’s emotions. It’s a day-to-day thing. It’s open; it’s freedom; it’s happiness.