Scholastic Results Released

Isaac Ochoa and Remi Lederman

The Scholastics Arts and Writing Competition awarded gold keys, silver keys or honorable mentions to 70 pieces of writing submitted by Dreyfoos students. The results were released Monday Feb. 2 at 5:00 p.m. Students won in categories such as personal essay, memoir, poetry, journalism and science fiction. All recipients of the awards will receive a certificate and/or a pin for their accomplishments. Winners of gold keys qualify for the national competition where the pieces will be judged again by a different panel of judges. Only 2000 submissions out of close to 255000 will win awards nationally. The results of the national competition are expected to come out in March of 2015.

Tiffany Abreu      Writing                  Silver Key      Short Story

Jillian Acri            Writing         Honorable Mention   Personal Essay/Memoir

Cassandra Adair Writing        Honorable Mention       Personal Essay/Memoir

Cassandra Adair Writing        Honorable Mention Short Story

Zoe Alexiadis      Writing                   Silver Key               Personal Essay/Memoir

Lexi Andersen    Writing         Honorable Mention                    Poetry

Sara Araoz          Writing                  Silver Key                Personal Essay/Memoir

Serena August    Writing         Honorable Mention           Writing Portfolio

Serena August    Writing         Honorable Mention                  Poetry

Serena August    Writing         Honorable Mention                  Poetry

Serena August    Writing         Honorable Mention                  Poetry

Emma Baldinger Writing         Honorable Mention              Journalism

Chayse Banks      Writing         Honorable Mention              Short Story

Alexandra Blanco Writing              Silver Key                          Short Story

Cuyla Brown         Writing         Honorable Mention      Science Fiction/Fantasy

Ashley Brundage Writing         Honorable Mention                 Poetry

Rebecca Bullock   Writing         Honorable Mention             Short Story

Hannah Butcher   Writing         Honorable Mention                Poetry

Hannah Butcher   Writing         Honorable Mention                Poetry

Diana Calderon     Writing                  Gold Key                   Writing Portfolio

Diana Calderon    Writing        Silver Key                     Personal Essay/Memoir

Diana Calderon     Writing                 Silver Key                        Poetry

Diana Calderon     Writing         Honorable Mention     Science Fiction/Fantasy

Gianna Delgado     Writing               Silver Key                         Poetry

Gianna Delgado     Writing               Silver Key                Writing Portfolio

Gianna Delgado   Writing                Silver Key                           Poetry

Gianna Delgado   Writing          Honorable Mention               Poetry

Gianna Delgado   Writing          Honorable Mention           Flash Fiction

Ryan Freese          Writing          Honorable Mention               Poetry

Rae Glismann       Writing                  Silver Key                         Poetry

Rae Glismann       Writing         Honorable Mention     Personal Essay/Memoir

Alana Gomez        Writing         Honorable Mention     Science Fiction/Fantasy

Alana Gomez        Writing                 Silver Key                       Short Story

Amanda Goodman      Writing        Honorable Mention           Short Story

Alexander Gordon        Writing       Honorable Mention              Poetry

Alexander Gordon        Writing       Honorable Mention     Personal Essay/Memoir

Ditalia Grnja          Writing                Honorable Mention              Poetry

Emma Sue Harris   Writing               Honorable Mention       Dramatic Script

Lisa Hooper            Writing                Honorable Mention              Poetry

Robert Kanjian       Writing                          Silver Key                  Short Story

Daniel Kaufman     Writing                          Silver Key                 Flash Fiction

Kayla Kirschenbaum       Writing                Silver Key                   Short Story

Remi Lederman             Writing                  Silver Key                   Journalism

Nathaniel Leonard        Writing             Silver Key                          Short Story

Nathaniel Leonard         Writing                Gold Key                     Short Story

Matthew Nadel            Writing     Gold Key                                     Journalism

Isaac Ochoa                 Writing                 Gold Key                       Short Story

Rhiannon O’Neil           Writing            Honorable Mention          Science Fiction/Fantasy

Mariana Pesquera        Writing               Gold Key                            Short Story

Jessica Ralph                 Writing                    Silver Key               Personal Essay/Memoir

Jessica Ralph                 Writing                  Gold Key                           Poetry

Maicie Ramirez             Writing          Honorable Mention                Poetry

Mary Rasura                   Writing                Gold Key                        Short Story

Mary Rasura                   Writing           Honorable Mention            Journalism

Sarah Rogers                   Writing          Honorable Mention          Personal Essay/Memoir

Sarah Rogers                  Writing                Silver Key                             Poetry

Sarah Rogers                 Writing                 Silver Key                             Poetry

Madison Ruth              Writing                 Silver Key                    Personal Essay/Memoir

Zolia Schultz               Writing        Gold Key                                         Poetry

Chelsea Smith            Writing                   Silver Key                       Short Story

Brianna Steidle           Writing         Silver Key                                  Poetry

Brianna Steidle            Writing             Silver Key               Personal Essay/Memoir

Jessica Taylor      Writing       Honorable Mention                        Poetry

Megan Walsch          Writing                Silver Key                         Poetry

Michael Wang             Writing             Silver Key                    Critical Essay

Michael Wang            Writing              Silver Key                      Critical Essay

Michael Wang         Writing             Silver Key                         Critical Essay

Emily Winters         Writing         Honorable Mention                Poetry

Emily Winters          Writing              Silver Key                          Short Story

Emily Winters           Writing         Honorable Mention           Flash Fiction

70 awards

45 Student winners

8 gold keys

28 silver keys

34 honorable mentions