Lexi Marcellino
Communications senior Lexi Marcellino is a third-year staffer and the Head Copy Editor on The Muse. She has a passion for news writing and grammar, and has dedicated most of her free time and late nights to journalism. In addition to being involved in The Muse, Marcellino also has a passion for creative writing and working with Teens Against Domestic Abuse, a club she co-founded with other students. Outside of school, one can find her taking advantage of Panera’s free wifi and cradling a cup of coffee. Marcellino has spent the last two summers learning more about publishing and journalism. In 2015, she interned in the graphics department of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office, and the following year she became an alumna of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, where she worked with student journalists from around the world, as well as esteemed figures such as National Geographic Editor-In-Chief Susan Goldberg and Photojournalist Carol Guzy. She is also the recipient of a Scholastic Art and Writing award, as well as two Palm Beach Post awards. In the future, Marcellino hopes to pursue investigative and political journalism, and move to Washington D.C. to work on a large publication.

Lexi Marcellino, Head Copy Editor

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