Felipe Bomeny
Felipe Bomeny is a Strings major and  the Op/Ed editor of The Muse. Bomeny has been on the Muse staff for two years, and has written for the Op/Ed and Entertainment sections.
A musician as well as a writer, Bomeny is a violinist in the Dreyfoos Philharmonic Orchestra. He has qualified for All-State four times, won Scholastics Art and Writing Awards and is currently the captain of Dreyfoos’ Commissioner’s Academic Challenge Team. In 2014, Bomeny helped the team clinch its first district championship in over a decade.
Bomeny is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is fluent in Portuguese. He cites his writing influences as Borges, Kundera and Kis, and intends to pursue a career in either history or English. Bomeny enjoys writing about international geopolitics, music criticism, immigration and consumerist culture.

Felipe Bomeny, Op/Ed Editor

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