Alexis Pinchuk
Communications senior Alexis Pinchuk is a third-year staffer and Assistant Managing Editor, overseeing the Copy, Website, Features, and Op/Ed sections for The Muse. She loves every aspect of the communications field, and dedicates much of her time to The Muse and other courses. Pinchuk has many published pieces and received a Scholastic honorary mention for her poem, “Rabbit Ears.” She hopes to attend a prestigious college where she will continue her studies in journalism. In whatever field she studies, Pinchuk is determined to make a difference. In seventh and eighth grade, Pinchuk founded the successful club, Every Soul Counts. Through this club, she was able to raise thousands of dollars, volunteer at underprivileged elementary schools, and work with passionate individuals to change the lives of soldiers and their families. Over her junior and senior year, Pinchuk founded the Psychology and Philosophy Club as well. Aside from these achievements, Pinchuk became a second degree black belt at the age of eight, is an equestrian, and participated on the Dreyfoos swim team during her sophomore year. Pinchuk dreams of becoming a New York Times Bestseller and Newbery Award Winner, along with other aspirations. She is optimistic and excited for the future, as she plans to continue working extremely hard to achieve her goals.

Alexis Pinchuk, Assistant Managing Editor

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