Events of 2020 Word Search

Clues (play here):

1. This Kansas City football team won the 2020 Super Bowl.

2. This basketball legend died in 2020 after a tragic helicopter accident.

3. A social media app that remained popular for its short comedy and dance videos.

4. A virus that most recently has mutated into the respiratory illness known as COVID-19.

5. The leading slogan behind the movement that focuses on the fight against racial injustice in America.

6. The method used to elect an American president in which each state is given a number of votes depending on their population, adding up to a total of 538.

7. A group video chat company that became popular in 2020 for online school and working from home.

8. The abbreviated title of a popular Netflix true crime docuseries centering on a man known for collecting tigers and other big cats.

9. A nickname for the world’s largest hornet that can be lethal to humans with its venemous sting.

10. A facial covering used to protect yourself and other people from viral diseases like COVID-19.

11. A household paper product that was flying off the shelves with the introduction of social distancing guidelines.

12. A substance that is administered to provide immunity or antibodies from a disease.

13. A disease that spreads globally, crossing international borders.

14. A three-letter abbreviation for the “notorious” American Supreme Court Justice who died in 2020.

15. A series of these natural disasters occurred in Australia in January of 2020, killing many people and animals.