“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Review

The hype for the newest installation of the DC superhero chain made its big payoff on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” opening night on March 24. Fans who were able to make the trip for the late showing could find satisfaction in the films comic book accuracy and appealing images of the DC universe. As a member of the vast audience, I found myself torn over the film directed by Zack Snyder. Despite highlighting visual effects and action-packed battles, the film falls short in holding the viewer’s attention during some of its more stagnant scenes.

The movie begins with the back story of Bruce Wayne and the murder of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. The story then transcends to another flashback to the end of “Man of Steel” where Superman is defending Metropolis against General Zod. In this flashback, the audience watches an earlier Wayne run through the crowds of terrified people and save civilians from harm. Here lies the main plot point as Wayne worries that Superman has no limitations to the damage he can cause, almost as a god among men. This brews an anger within Wayne, who seeks to control Superman by obtaining his ultimate weakness, a mineral called kryptonite. However, Lex Luthor, a crafty billionaire, has something bigger planned than only controlling an alien with powers and unsympathetically uses both Superman and Batman as pawns in his grand scheme.

It all comes down to the fact that DC films just don’t do it for me. Their gloomy settings and dark themes inspired by the original Dark Knight comics left me in a dreary mood. One large detail that the film lost me on was its usage of flashbacks and dreams. The movie takes many pit stops in the mind of Wayne and his anger-induced hallucinations of Superman. The film slips in and out of these unconscious scenes leaving the audience as dazed and confused as the character on screen. Many times I found myself lost in the plot line, wondering where reality had picked up and the dreamworld had dropped off.

The cast also played a small problem for me as a viewer, and it was hard for me to get into some of the characters at first. Having grown up engulfed in the world of comics, the thought of Ben Affleck as Batman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor almost deterred me from the movie. The two actors had never fitted my vision for two of my favorite comic book men. After watching the film, Affleck satisfied my vision of Wayne with his physique and pulled through on playing the dark and brooding detective that is Batman. Eisenberg took a little more warming up to, but by the end of the movie, I found myself nodding along with his crazed portrayal of the villainous behavior of Lex Luthor.

I was happy to see the roles that women played in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane both led the film with their strong female characteristics and independence. In this DC film, Lois Lane was a far cry from the regular damsel in distress reporter that she has otherwise been portrayed as. Adams fulfilled all of my expectations that I had of her going into the theater and Gadot surpassed what I had thought I knew about female superheroes. Wonder Woman’s courage and ability to fight alongside the powerful men of the superhero world created a new strong female role that superhero fans hadn’t seen in a few years.

All in all, I appreciated seeing some of my childhood heroes come together on the big screen. All of the stars handled their roles like pros and left me in awe, as I watched them fight against the evils of the world. For those who did enjoy the movie, here is a timeline of DC movies set to be released over the coming years.


June 23: “Wonder Woman”

November 17: “Justice League, Part 1”


March 16: “The Flash”

July 27: “Aquaman”


April 5: “Shazam”

June 14: “Justice League, Part 2”


April 3: “Cyborg”

June 19: “Green Lantern Corps”