This Week on ‘The Walking Dead:’ ‘The Next World’


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Daryl and Rick hold their weapons to a newly encountered survivor

Rick found Jesus! By Jesus, I mean the impish and enigmatic Paul Rovia, who apparently looks enough like the holy carpenter of Nazareth to have earned himself the nickname from his friends. Jesus, however, isn’t so pacifistic as you’d expect. With a surprising display of martial arts, he took on Rick and Daryl simultaneously until the latter two drew their guns on him. After a clever deception using firecrackers and swiping Rick’s keys to the food truck, Jesus took the wheel and rode off into Virginia horizon. Fast forward over some toying around with Rick and Daryl, Paul “Jesus” Rovia was knocked out and taken back to Alexandria.

The question remains, should we trust Jesus? No, he stole Alexandria’s much needed food supply. Actually, yes, because he never did try to harm Rick or Daryl. Oh, then again he did try to beat them up and steal their weapons….but he also saved Daryl’s life….Jesus just can’t be understood!

Paul "Jesus" Rovia peers from behind a wall

Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Paul “Jesus” Rovia peers from behind a wall

Throughout the episode, after witnessing Rick and Daryl’s resourcefulness and cunning, Jesus mentioned a desire to have a talk of some sort. The implications of this have been widely speculated on. Some theorize that Jesus is in fact a Wolf, covering the W etched into his forehead with his beanie. Some think he may be related to the bikers who work for Negan. With the episode being titled “The Next World,” the show is clearly foreshadowing some major plot advances with the introduction of Jesus.

Perhaps the most intriguing point of the episode was that Rick and Michonne went where ‘The Walking Dead’ doesn’t typically tread. The shocking moment where the two share a kiss was unexpected and sudden, but it makes perfect sense. It’s been two months since Alexandria defeated the mega horde of walkers, and Rick has had time to move on from Jessie. No living character knows Rick better than Michonne, and the two have been to the brink of death and back together. Furthermore, Michonne has already taken something of a maternal role in Carl’s life, and seems to love him as she would her own child. With this in mind, Michonne and Rick could truly be a game changer for both of them. They complement each other brilliantly. Michonne has finally found someone to lean on since Andrea’s passing; Rick has found someone who can fend for themselves and can keep him grounded. Michonne’s influence just might run Rick back into the leader he used to be.

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Don’t let Jesus take the wheel.