Staff pick: ‘Day of the Dead’ by Hollywood Undead


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(L-R) Matthew "Da Kurlzz" St. Claire, Daniel "Danny" Murillo, George "Johnny 3 Tears" Ragan, Jordon "Charlie Scene" Terrell, Jorel "J-Dog" Decker and Dylan "Funny Man" Alvarez.

Bri Posner, Entertainment Editior

Hollywood Undead, a rap rock band, released a new single titled “Day of the Dead.” In promotion for their fourth studio album, “Day of the Dead” is the title track for this CD. The lyrics are about overcoming struggles the band members faced throughout their lives and how they plan to fight back. Vocalist Johnny 3 Tears raps about the world he lives in and that he is willing to stand up for his cause, “I’m not afraid to die, let the good book witness.” The song has heavy bass lines that pound with your heart and catchy lyrics that keep it on your mind all day. This track is perfect for when you’re in the mood to power walk, or to stay up all night to start, and finish, the research paper due in the morning. “Day of the Dead” is available on iTunes and the album is set to release in January 2015.