November 7, 2019

In the printed story, we wrote that "Crazy for You" opens with a song that uses household items to create rhythm. This number does not occur until later in the first act.    

2/19 Corrections

February 19, 2016

Issue 4 of The Muse, in the story on "Shrek the Musical" we stated the opening day was on Feb.19; the show opens on Feb.27. We misspelled communications senior Jillian Acri's name as "Jullian Acri." On the Exposure page, visual senior Madison Joy Daorek's name was misspelled as "Madison Joy Deork" and the photo of the ...

1/30 Corrections

January 30, 2016

In the story "Spirit Week Day 3: Generation Day" we stated that the freshmen came in both second and fourth for the Generation Dance. Freshmen came in second and sophomores came in fourth.

Corrections 12/26

December 26, 2015

In the photo caption of the story "Dreyfoos Holds Alumini Soccer Gamer," we identified Nadid Cruz as a junior. He is a sophomore. We also said that Steffan graduated in 2014. He graduated in 2015.

Corrections 12/13

December 13, 2015

In the story "Seeds Holds Their Cultural and Halloween Contests," we stated that the title of Jessica Taylor's poem was "You are like the stars." This is just the translation, the actual title is "Você ê Como as Estrelas." We also state that the poem related her Portuguese heritage to her first love. However, the poem is not...

Corrections 11/17

November 17, 2015

In the story "Diving into Recovery," we identified Finnley Senese as a sophomore. She is a freshman. In the story "Dreyfoos Excels at Blue Key," we misspelled the last name of Luke Tillitski as Tillinksi.

Corrections 11/6

November 6, 2015

In the "Photo of the Day: 11/5" caption,  we misspelled the name communications freshman Johan Kramm and improperly identified communications freshmen Kayla Fischer and Rebecca Nir.

Corrections 10/16

October 16, 2015

In the story "Breaking Down The iPhone 6s" the graphic of the iPhone 6s was attributed to Lexi Marcellino. The graphic was made by Erik Ridd.

Corrections 9/18

September 18, 2015

In the story "Welcoming Back Ms. Tieche," the photo of Ms. Tieche was attributed to Rowan Bennetti. The photo was taken by Jade Lenkersdorf. ' In the story "9/11 Tribute Memorial," we identified Sasha Prissert as a theatre freshman. He is a sophomore.

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