Seniors gear up for their last quarter

Seniors gear up for their last quarter

Riley Freese , News staffer

After almost four years, our seniors are bidding farewell to the campus they have come to know as home. This final quarter is full of exciting events for the seniors to bond...  Read More »

March 29, 2015

Hollywood Undead: More alive than ever

Hollywood Undead: More alive than ever

Bri Posner, Entertainment staffer

Los Angeles rap-rock band Hollywood Undead (HU) has released their fourth studio album “Day of the Dead.” Following the release of two singles, “Day of the Dead and...  Read More »

April 1, 2015

An Ultra fun weekend

Erica Maltz, Head Blogger

This past weekend I had my first experience at a “rave” and to say the least, it was awesome. Yes, there is a stigma toward these types of festivals but in retrospect...  Read More »

March 31, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Lorenzo Romano

Artist Spotlight: Lorenzo Romano

Maria Grosso, Website Editor

At 6'1", digital sophomore Lorenzo Romano is a backpacking, adventure-driven photographer with a passion for precolumbian history. This collection, taken during his trip...  Read More »

March 25, 2015

Dushi’s double identity

Dushi’s double identity

Claudia Zamora , Editor in Chief

Some say tomato, some say tomahto. Some say potato, some say potahto. Strings senior Roey Dushi may be interested in giving George Gershwin’s twang-y 1950’s song a few...  Read More »

March 13, 2015

On the court year round

On the court year round

Alana Gomez, Sports staffer

For two months, band freshman Jamie Lynch played on the Dreyfoos girls volleyball team, practicing four days a week and competing in numerous games and matches. After the...  Read More »

March 5, 2015

The beauty of controversy in art

Bari Bossis, Head Copy Editor

Art, as I see it now, is not a balance of truth. It may be controversial, but it is present and worthwhile.

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March 11, 2015